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Building Materials Direct are able to supply a full range of Sewage Treatment Plants, Septic Tanks, Water Storage Tanks , Cesspools along with Pump Stations , Separators and Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Quite simply BMD can supply whatever you need for both domestic and commercial applications. Our Range of Sewage Treatment Plants are easy to install have very low running and maintenance costs having no mechanical or electrical components within the system. They have low level visibility and come with a lockable child proof cover for piece of mind, these sewage treatment systems range in sizes from a daily flow of 1.2m3 per day up to 5M3 per day. They also have controlled ventilation which minimises the risk of unwanted odours so can be installed in suitable places ad subject to consent and appropriate site conditions can be discharged directly into a watercourse. For Sewage Treatment Plant prices please do call our sales team.

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Septic Tanks are the answer when a sewage treatment plant is not a feasible option, these come in various sizes to suit all needs and come in 2 different styles the more common 'onion' shape septic tank ranging from 5 person up to 17 person and the impressive shallow dig septic tank which has reduced installation costs due to less excavation and soil disposal. The Shallow Dig Septic tank comes in sizes ranging from 5 person to 47 person. All Septic Tanks are made from strong lightweight GRP and can be manouvered easily into postion with a JCB / forklift with straps or chains. For any more information or for septic tank prices please do call.

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Water Storage Tanks / Cesspools are also available for below ground installation to collect surface water , sewage , animal waste etc. in sizes ranging from 3960 gallons up to an impressive 17,380 gallons all come with lockable manhole covers for safety.

BMD can also supply a full range of Pump Stations for where homes a built below the run of the mains sewage system. Also available are Separator tanks with individual designs for use as either bypass separators where there is a risk of heavy rain and large spillages, Full Retention Separators that can handle up to 65mm rain per hr and forecourt separators which are made for envronmental protection against garage forecourt petrol and diesel spillages. Finally Rainwater Harvesting Systems that can be used to harvest rainwater for re-use in flushing toilets watering lawns washing vehicles etc. . In the recent times where we have seen lots of homes flooding these systems can help by diverting a lot of water underground into the storage tanks for later use or dispersal.

For any prices on Septic Tanks or for the latest special offers on Sewage Treatment Plants or any of the other products on this page please do call us, we are here to help.

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